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London's got a new matchmaking agency!

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How It Works

How It Works

Phase 1 - Signup

Each month signups open on the website for a new round of dates. There is a one-off signup fee (£44.99) to join the dating agency. You then pay per date.

Phase 2 - The initial call

Once you've submitted your form, I will arrange for us to have a phone call. This call will typically take place once the pool has closed. I'll talk you through the process, chat about your signup form, and answer any burning questions!

Phase 3 - Enter the pool

After signups have closed and you've had your initial call, you are officially on The A-gency books! You will receive an email detailing the days set for dates that month and be asked to opt in the pool to be matched with a potential blind date. You can opt into the pools any month going forward.

Phase 4 - Is it a match?

You will be notified via email if you have been matched.  At this point you will also pay the date administration fee. Please note, it is free to enter the dating pool each month. You only pay the date fee if you are matched up.

Phase 5 - Date, Time, Location

I will then organise the date, time, and location of your date. I need you to be flexible and work with me here!

Phase 6 - Date butterflies!

5 minutes before the blind date, you will get an email with your date's first name and mobile number. Then it's game time!

Phase 7 - Final check-in

After your date, I will send you a  check-in message. It may take a few matches for me to work out what you're really looking for, so please be patient! I always offer a date debrief voice note ahead of the next round of dates.


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