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Terms & Conditions



You are required to be unattached and to provide us with true and accurate information relating to your personal circumstances. Whilst all our members for matchmaking services are interviewed, The A-gency accepts particulars given to us in good faith. 




Your matchmaking will begin once you have paid your initial fee. We reserve the right and absolute discretion to match others to you who we consider might be acceptable to you, as this approach has proven successful for many of our clients. The number of recommendations we can offer will depend upon your specific profile and those of your ‘suitors’. 


Should you wish to change or amend the information you have provided to The A-gency for the purpose of matchmaking, you may contact us directly in order to do so. Doing this can help us learn more about you and help find relevant partners. 

The A-gency is unable to guarantee a date for each candidate. Matches are subject to suitability which will be determined by the matchmaker. 

The A-gency has not undertaken background checks on anyone your matched with.


Matchmakers are unable to provide detail as to why a specific match has been made and candidates are asked to refrain from requesting such information.


Matchmakers are unable to share third party feedback and all feedback provided to the matchmaker by the dater will be kept strictly confidential. 


Should a candidate chose to remove him/herself from the agency’s database, the candidate will be required to complete the signup process again, should he/ she wish to return to the agency at a later date.


If you are provided with a match and wish for any of your final date details to be changed, it is at the discretion of The A-gency as to whether they fulfil this request.

The A-gency will not facilitate moving dates due to weather conditions, unless in extreme circumstances.


If The A-gency is unable to match you and your date, due to disagreements in location and/or dates and times, the match may be forfeited.


The A-gency operates a strict no refunds policy.

The A-gency typically runs monthly matchmaking pools but reserves the right to skip months.




Due to Covid-19 your blind date may be a virtual date. The A-gency reserves the right to relocate your date to a virtual date.


If you or your date have to isolate for 14 days due to Covid-19, the date will not be rescheduled but will be moved to a virtual date.



Conduct Requirements


All members are required to adhere to high standards of conduct at all times, and therefore we ask that members behave appropriately, respectfully and courteously in all interactions with other members and with The A-gency.


You agree not to: harass or cause a nuisance, inconvenience, distress or anxiety or violate the privacy of anyone we introduce you to, or to any agent of The A-gency do anything which restricts or inhibits anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the services; do anything that deliberately or recklessly prejudices or damages the reputation of The A-gency. We will not accept any behaviour that may be racist, sexist or homophobic or anything else that would offend. 


Failure to comply with these requirements may result in you being barred from The A-gency.



We will not share your contact details with anyone without your permission. Please refer to our current Privacy Policy displayed on our website for further information on how we protect your data.



For further questions or concerns, please contact

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