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About The A-gency


Aimee here!


I hope you’re having a beaut day so far! You may or may not have heard my name before, but I’m Aimee, although my mum only refers to me as Yente these days! I’m a theatre-loving, slightly crazy (in a good way), glitter sprinkling Jewish girl from North West London, and have recently set-up a Jewish dating agency. 


I like to think of myself as a modern-day matchmaker and here’s why...


My matchmaking calling


In July 2020, The A-gency was born.


I have always had a knack for setting people up; whether that be in love or with a new job opportunity, it’s just part of my make-up! As for me, being set-up by my friends although sometimes spoken about, never really happens. Having lost my job in theatre due to Covid-19, I found myself with too much time on my hands. This is when I started to think about the idea of matchmaking and how I can put some of my skills to the test. So I sent out a WhatsApp broadcast to see if anyone fancied going on a blind date, and fast forward to today – welcome to The A-gency!


The concept


The A-gency is a Jewish blind dating agency, taking finding love back to basics. We’ve all experienced a bit of dating app fatigue, especially in recent times, but The A-gency is strictly no online profiles, no photos and no swiping in sight. I match people based on their signup forms, photos, a phone conversation, and my intuition. I then arrange all the logistics of the dates to ensure they remain completely blind until the very last moment. The individuals then receive a text 5 minutes before to find out the name of the person they’re meeting. Fun right?!


Here’s how it’s going


It’s crazy to think I’ve set up over 1000 dates since July 2020 and have celebrated my first A-gency wedding! Two couples are currently engaged and a baby has been born. I have been completely overwhelmed by the love and support from family, friends, and complete strangers since The A-gency came to fruition. It’s so amazing to see how open people are to the idea of blind dating, and I’ve learnt so much about the art of matchmaking. As of today, I have my own monthly dating column and a podcast, Yente Tells All.


The future


The A-gency is currently open for those aged 22 - 62 years old, Jewish, and based in London. But watch this space as we have big plans to expand even further! So, if you don’t match the requirements for this pool but are keen to be involved, please do get in contact. Who knows, maybe you'll be my ultimate success story (met through The A-gency and now married with 3 kids, obvs) and be on the front page of the Jewish News in 2 years time! 


Even if the timing isn’t right, or you end up finding your person or soulmate by other means, I’m always open and willing to have a conversation. You’ll find me chattering away on my Instagram about funny stories, frequently asked questions, and the latest updates, so come along for the ride :) 



Peace & love!

Aimee x

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The A-Gencys Values

The A-gency's Values


Patience. Trust the process and be patient. I want this to work as much as you do, so work with me and give me time to find your match!


Open mind. Remember to keep an open mind. The spark may be instant, it may take time to develop, or it may never happen. If it doesn’t work out, that’s ok! There’s plenty more fish in the sea (or pool!)…


Love. The reason why The A-gency exists. Let’s hope that this becomes your success story! Keep bringing the love and don’t give up too soon, you deserve this!


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